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A1152 Fascinating Luftwaffe B-Uhr

This is a fascinating retro design of the O/B-Uhr (observation/navigation watch). The original watches were used by the German Luftwaffe during the second world war as a navigation aid, mostly by bomber crews. One was issued and signed for before a mission, then handed in upon landing/de-briefing.

By order of the German aviation ministry circa 1940, and originally produced by lange and Sohn, nearly all high quality watch manufacturers were obligated to produce navigation watches when lange could not meet the demand alone. The Quality/Accuracy requirements of the Realm Aviation Ministry (RLM) were high. The O/B-Watch was classified with 'FL 23883' amongst other numbers. The back of the watch has some "Issue" looking markings etc.

This interesting watch would be ideal for re-enactors/collectors as it is very, very close to the mark. Look at view features below for the specs. So Unique!!

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A1152 Fascinating Luftwaffe B-Uhr for only $109.95